lukumades - greek doughnuts

The Lukumades concept was born in 2015 when founder Exarhos Sourligas, or Mr X as everyone knows him, was living between Australia and his native Greece.

While in Athens Mr X, a long-time lover of Lukumades, decided to set Greek doughnuts free from the motherland and bring them to Australia with his own modern twist for a broader audience to enjoy.

Setting up a food truck business which could roam from city to city, just like Mr X had done as a globetrotting hospitality professional for over 20 years, was naturally the next step. Fast forward to 2016 and australia's first food truck dedicated to greek doughnuts has come a long way. 

Our loyal army of lukumades fans regularly cross town for Mr X’s unique and creative flavour combinations like the Twix Fix and Oreo Balls. **excited** doesn't even come close to describing Melbourne's reaction when its hip folk learned their prayers had been answered with a permanent store that opened in west melbourne in April 2017! And Behold, Australia's first store was born!

come visit us and you'll find Our fun-loving food truck and store crew keeping the doughnuts and the good times rolling all day long, giving each of our customers a personalised experience with every visit.

Want to suggest a new flavour? Let us know. we are constantly recipe testing behind the scenes to bring you fresh new tastes throughout the year.

Find us roaming at a food truck park, market or festival near you soon or drop in and see us at the store 7 days a week!

A Little Something


All around the world, Greeks hold onto their family Lukumades recipe, each with its own special twist. Lukumades are sold all over Greece from small dedicated patisseries, quite often no bigger than a hole in the wall, and are usually served as a treat in the afternoon with honey syrup and crushed walnuts.

In our quest to come up with the best recipe for our own Lukumades, we begged shop owners, our friends and relatives in Greece to part with their tightly held secrets and share their insider tips for the best doughnuts.

After hours of recipe testing to get our doughnuts just right, we think we’ve found the perfect balance of the golden crunch on the outside and a light fluffy dough on the inside. Keep an eye on this space while we also fine-tune our gluten free option.

All you have to do is decide how you want your doughnuts, and trust us, that’s not an easy decision!